Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Alright, so Luke kicked off the #TBT feature last week and now it's my turn. I got my inspiration for this from club practice today. Some of the guys were talking about Pedro and this new dude who's trying out at the end of the fall season for some reason even though he's obvi gonna get cut goes "Is Pedro the one who threw down Don Zimmer?" What? Bro, we're on a baseball field and you're asking this question? No shit. Cut. See ya never. So that's my inspiration for this #TBT.

On to the actual context, this was at the height of the Yanks/Sox rivalry and I loved it. Hate Pedro, hate Manny, hate the fans, hate the Red Sox. Karim Garcia is such a nobody so it's hilarious that he was in the middle of this. What a game.

P.S. "That wasn't even close to him" is the only smart thing that's ever come out of Tim McCarver's mouth.

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  1. He's cut now so don't worry.

    - Coach