Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pregnant Lady in a Red Cape Keeps Robbing People

SourceATLANTA, Ga. —Atlanta police are trying to foil a robbery suspect described as pregnant and wearing a large, red cape.
Police say the woman is a suspect in at least four armed robberies in recent weeks.          
The clerk at a Walgreens store told police the woman said she had a gun and took about $200 from the register before escaping in a gold Nissan Maxima on Oct. 6. The clerk described her as being "very pregnant" and wearing the cape.     
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that descriptions of the woman in other robberies vary.          
In the most recent case, the robbery of a Big Brother Grocery, the woman is described as being pregnant and wearing a red shawl.      
Police said, despite the differing descriptions, they believe the same woman may have committed all four robberies, and possibly more.

Gotta hand it to this lady for not being arrested yet. She's pregnant, in a bit of a pickle, not really sure how she's gonna pay for some stuff she needs. No problem. Put on your Little Red Riding Hood costume, grab your gun and head for the Walgreens. Steal a few bucks and hop back in your getaway Maxima. But here's why I'm impressed that she hasn't been arrested. Four or more robberies, been pregnant and red-caped for all of them and drives a Nissan Maxima. That's a lot of information on a suspect. I know there are a fair amount of people that live in Atlanta, but I've seen people give away far less about themselves and get caught quicker than this. I mean, can't you just type into a database that exact information and narrow it down to probably the only person who's pregnant in Atlanta that drives a gold Maxima. And if there are multiple pregnant Maxima drivers, just look for the one with the giant red cape on. Good job Atlanta police. You know, I'd like to think that the ATL police are ignoring this because they're out busting giant coke deals and solving murders, but they're probably just busy pulling over people going 45 in a 35. 

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