Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Steal Cell Phone, Take Selfies With Your Crew Holding Your Pieces

SourceTwo gun-toting cell phone bandits proved anything but tech savvy when the duo took photos of themselves along with a friend showing off handguns, which then automatically uploaded to the victim's cloud-based storage account.

I need to be friends with these guys, now. What a crew. Most people will rob people for their jewelry, money, stuff that has value, ya know? Not these guys, they're sticking people up for their iPhones so they can snap some dope selfies. Whoever said that the self timer feature in iOS 8 was useless, HAHAHAHAHAHA. You've never been so wrong. Dead wrong. This crew is just keeping it 100 at all times, never take your foot off the pedal boys. I wish my friends did cool stuff and robber people's phones and took selfies with our guns. We just sit around and play xbox. I hate white people so much. 
Yo take a picture of me in front of this hotel room door. This is gonna be so cool.

I can't make fun of this picture because it's 200% the coolest picture I've ever seen. Smoke coming out of the mouth, got the heater locked and pointed. I am willing to bet everything I own that he immediately set this as his Facebook, twitter and instagram profile pictures as soon as it was taken. Hell, he might have even put it on Linkeden. 

I love it boys, keep up the good work.

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