Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What We've Learned From NFL Week 7


Welcome to the first segment of "what we've learned" based on the previous week of NFL action. The NFL and sports in general have a wide variety of outcomes full of surprise endings and intense matchups. I hope to give my analysis and opinion on the most important news coming out of the most recent week of football.

1. The Lone Star Statement  

    The Cowboys defeated the New York Giants 31-21 in week 7. Not taking credit away from the Cowboys victory, but the Giants are clearly not the same team from a few years ago. (ELI sucks)
     Alright, I guess i have to finally admit the one thing I dread to say; the Dallas Cowboys are LEGIT. This team is not a fluke, plain and simple. Many Cowboys fans and NFL fans in general figured that Jason Garrett's games as head coach were limited. Due to the tremendous start for the Cowboys, its starting to look like the contrary. The picture poster above basically sums up the recipe for the Cowboys success; Tony Romo handing off to Demarco Murray. Let me just start off by saying that Demarco Murray has the potential to become one of the best running backs this game has ever seen, and I truly mean that. If you ever watch Demarco run he is lightning quick and he has a tremendous knack for evading defenders. Through the first 7 games, Demarco has set an NFL record for 7 consecutive games with more than 100 yards rushing. If he can stay healthy (and that's a big IF), there is no telling where his talents can take him.
     Demarco Murray is one hell of a talent to have on your team, but let's not crown him as the king of the Cowboy's success. Tony Romo has been a large part of the teams bright start to the season. I've always been a big believer that Romo is one of the best REGULAR season quarterbacks in the past few years, but he seems to struggle in the games that really matter. Tony Romo passing to Dez Bryant is a nightmare for opposing defenses. There are plenty of weapons on this cowboys team on both sides of the ball. Look for the Cowboys to run over the Redskins next Monday and to continue their success until Tony Romo decides to catch a case of the interceptions. (he has a very weak immune system)

2. Daaaa Bears Blow

     So whats up with the Bears? In week 7, the Bears fell to the mediocre at best Miami Dolphins 27-14 at home in Soldier Stadium. Jay Cutler finished the game with losing two fumbles and throwing one interception as well as recording an outstanding 19.3 QB rating. After the game, it was reported that wide receiver Brandon Marshall was heard calling out Jay Cutler for their offensive woes. It's odd to hear that Marshall would call out his teammate and good friend in front of the entire team in the locker room. I suspect that this incident was nothing more than a little motivational tactic for the team.
     I have never been a huge fan of Jay Cutler, I am not exactly sure why. There is one thing that i can tell you for sure, Jay Cutler is not a leader. It seems like whenever I see the guy play hes only playing for himself. Maybe I am wrong, but I see no fire or ambition from him. The Bears year in and year out are predicted to be one of the best teams coming out of the NFC North. Cutler definitely has his moments where he looks like one of the best quarterbacks in the league but unfortunately he can't come through with a solid effort each week. The Bears have so much potential, but they just can't seem to put everything together. With all the verbal bashing Jay Cutler has been receiving from myself, I will credit him as being a better than average quarterback. Jay Cutler passing to one of the best receivers in the game in Brandon Marshall has become quite a terrific duo that has seemed to become extremely dependable. The Bears also have one of the most underrated running backs in the league; Matt Forte. Matt Forte is so dependable, he can rush for 100 yards a game as well as catch more than a 100 yards. Forte is a dynamic threat with his extreme versatility.
     There are too many positive aspects of this team for them to be currently 3-4. I feel they are much better than their record shows. With that said, look for the Bears to come back strong next week and play a terrific game against New England.

3. Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Hangover

     The Seattle Seahawks lost to the St. Louis Rams 28-26 on Sunday which ending on a very controversial call by the zebras. Seattle now has a record of  3-3 on the season, rather uncharacteristic of the defending Superbowl champions who looked simply unbeatable last season.
     This dude in the picture basically sums up how the Seahawks games are going so far. When my beloved San Diego Chargers took down Seattle in week 2, I knew that something was off with how the Seahawks were playing. (NOT taking credit away from the Chargers victory. Go bolts) Seattle is currently ranked 29th in the league in passing yards with only 203 yards per game. I understand that Marshawn Lynch is an absolute beast, but something has to give. What made the Seahawks so difficult to beat last year was the tempo and balance of their offense, which seems to be somewhat lacking this year. Russell Wilson needs to kick it into gear a little bit or the Seahawks could be in danger. Another reason why Seattle is struggling is their defense. Their defense is not giving up a substantial amount of passing or rushing yards, but they are giving up way too many points for a team that expects to win each week. Richard Sherman, where you at?
     Seattle takes on the Carolina Panthers next Sunday. Look for that game to be a fairly easy win unless Cam Newton decides to do Cam Newton things on the field.

Week 8 Upset: Atlanta Falcons Defeat Detroit Lions
The Atlanta Falcons will come away with this game. Matt Ryan is finally finding his grove as well as finding that long lost connection with wide out Roddy White. The Lions are having a solid start to their season but with Calvin Johnson still hurt, the Lions will most definitely miss his presence.                                           Lions-17    Falcons-24

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