Monday, October 20, 2014

Boston Bruins Weekly Round Up

Boston Bruins Weekly Recap
10/13 - 10/18

Bruins vs. Avalanche
This picture just about sums up the B's vs Avs game from Columbus day. It was a great game, very back and forth until there were 0.4 seconds left in the period. Danny Briere netted a gino with that much time remaining to win the game. It was absolutely devastating as you can tell from the bro in the grey sweatshirt in back. I thought the Bruins played a pretty solid 60 and they were ready to go into OT, I guess that's what happens if you don't play to the whistle.

Bruins vs. Red Wings
Reilly Smith and the Bruins ended their 3 game losing streak with this shootout win. Finally, seeing the Bruins drop 3 in a row is absolutely sickening. The whole game was played at an incredible pace with lots of hard hits and close goals. Paille hit the post with 8 minutes left and I think everyone's hearts skipped a beat. 

Bruins vs. Canadiens
I know for a fact that every Bruins and Canadiens fan had this one circled as soon as the schedule came out, I think a lot of hockey fans in general had it marked down. After the intense play off series  last year where the Bruins decided not to show up for game 7, everyone was excited for the rivalry to spark up again. Unfortunately, as Bruins fans were brutally reminded last season, Tuukka Rask can't play in Montreal. Guy is like swiss cheese whenever he's in the cage there, I can't figure it out for the life of me. The Bruins kept it close for a while but about half way through the third period they let the Habs run away with it. Then when the B's were down 2 with a few minutes left in the game, Lucic took a bad boarding play which put them down a man for the rest of the game. Normally, I like that Lucic plays with a ton of emotion but sometimes it can really hurt the team. Lucic also got a nice little $5,000 fine for jerking off the crowd in the box.

Bruins vs. Sabres
The Bruins finally played like the Bruins on Saturday. They came out and dominated Buffalo by winning 4-0. Dougie Hamilton is slated for a big season this year, everyone thinks it's gonna be his coming out year, unfortunately he hadn't played like it till this game. He put up his points of the season with a gino and an apple. The Bruins had great net presence during this game, which lead them to getting goals. You want money? go to the bank. You want goals? go to the net. Garbage goals get the job done and the Bruins learned that in this tilt. Svedberg also had a great game by blocking all 32 shots he saw. That's what you want from your back up goalie. 

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