Monday, October 20, 2014

New England Patriots Weekly Wrap Up: Week 7

Its a great feeling to watch a Patriots game where they get another team's absolute best and they still find a way to come out with a W. When that team is the Jets... the feeling only get better. Many people look at the 27-25 victory over a 1-6 team as a bad game, however these two have played in some tight division games as of late. This week especially, watching the "next man up" philosophy run through the whole Patriots team was awesome. First, we lose Mayo for the year against the bills. Deontae Skinner came in for him after only four days and played good enough to help the defense hold the Jets to four consecutive field goals in the first half. Later in the game against the Bills we lost Stevan Ridley for the year, and who other than Shane Vereen steps in with two huge touchdowns this week against the Jets. The dude looked like a wide receiver on his first touchdown of the game, seen here:

Even better than those two stepping up was watching Danny Amendola show the Patriots faithful that he is going to have a role on this team. Beyond the touchdown, his recovery of the Jets final onside kick more than likely saved a lot of asses on the Pats sideline. Not to mention, our guy 12 tossed one hell of a game. This game did not come without its share of embarrassments. The defense let the Jets walk between the 20's the first half especially. While they held them to field goals, they can not expect to play this way against better teams. With more than 4 days rest to figure out how they will permanently replace Mayo, look for things to improve quick. 

Passing Leader
Tom Brady: 261 yards, 3 Touchdowns
Geno Smith: 226 Yards, 1 Touchdown
Rushing Leaders
Shane Vereen:43 yards
Chris Ivory:107 yards, 1 Touchdown
Receiving Leaders
Shane Vereen: 71 yards, 2 Touchdowns
Erik Decker: 65 yards
On to Chicago...

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