Tuesday, October 28, 2014

New Taco Bell App

Source-The company is prepped to announce that they’ve launched a mobile ordering application for iPhone and Android. Once the respective apps go live, you should be able to find the iPhone app here and the Android app here.

Anyone that knows me knows how obsessed I am with Taco Bell. I'll basically do anything to stuff my face with some tbell then wash it down with a nice baja blast. I literally live and die by the bell. While I love this app, I also don't really get it and it's really going to mess with my already floundering self-esteem. When I go into Taco Bell I expect a judgement free zone, the people in there CANNOT judge me, unless they've never taken a good hard long look in the mirror. That's part of what I love about the place. No matter how drunk I am, I can go in there and order my food without feeling like white trash. It's almost like a test I set up for myself, if I can go into my safe haven and act like a functioning member of society, I will allow myself to go other places in public. This whole mobile app thing is going to change that and I'm not sure how I feel about it. 

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