Monday, October 27, 2014

Daa... Patriots! Weekly Review: Week 8

 Another week of Patriots football, another win. While real fans (like myself) never doubted this team during the tough times this season, we can expect "fans" to come out of the woodwork this week. Keep in mind the Patriots played a Bears team that was reeling coming into the week, so lets examine the parts of this victory which truly matter as we move into the later stretch of the schedule. First of all, the offense gave viewers a flashback to 2007/2011 numbers as they gashed the Bears all over the field. LaFell and Gronk were the two obvious names, however it was great to see Tim Wright continue to increase his roll in the offense. Ever since that crazed murderer left it seems as though we have been missing an element to the offense, however Wright brings the Patriots back to their best style of offense; the two tight end set. All three of these guys showed great flashes this week, and it is even better to note that if they ever have an off week we still have Julian and Danny to fall back on. who knows... maybe we make a little noise at the trade deadline tomorrow as well. It is impossible to talk offense without acknowledging probably the QB performance of the year (before Ben Roethlisberger took the field Sunday afternoon) from Tom Brady.

Tom was 30/35 passing, arguably four of those incompletions being drops. All the other numbers aside, you have to love seeing Tom be vintage accurate Brady. Time to watch that offense out-do the offense everyone loves to talk about out there in Denver. Despite a rash of injuries, the defense is playing outstanding. Revis Island and the rest of the NFL's number one ranked secondary proved yet again why no one should try to throw on us anymore. The run game remains suspect, however the addition of Akeem Ayers through trade this week was a solid addition much earlier than expected. I am more than excited for this Sunday to watch the Patriots silence everyone from Broncos fans to Pats haters in general.... If I were Manning, I'd stay clear of the least popular vacation destination in New England:

On to Denver!

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