Friday, October 17, 2014

Free Money Friday

So I missed last week's FMF sorry about that. Mixture of midterms, being sick and other dumb stuff. But don't fear, we're back for whatever week of college football it is (counting isn't my forte). Should be a solid week of college football.

Gonna take Georgia -3.5 here. They lost Gurley but I think they should be able to produce the W on this one. 

Is Clemson -4.5 here the easiest money of all time? Yeesh Las Vegas, clean it up bro. Take this all day.

I'll take Iowa State +12.5. I'm not sure if Texas will be able to win by that much.

This should be a great game. I'm gonna go with the over on this one. Bama is averaging 33pts per game this season and A&M is averaging 44. I expect both teams to put up high numbers.

I'll go with the under on this one. While California has been putting up some big points this season, I don't expect it to happen against UCLA. So far this season, UCLA hasn't put up big points so I don't expect them to.

I'm gonna take Washington +20.5 on this one. Washington is 5-1 this season and have been having a good run. 20.5 is a lot for Oregon to win by.

P.S. The units that Oregon is wearing this weekend are FIRE. No way they lose in these bad boys.

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