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NBA 2014-15 Season Preview

NBA 2014-15 Season Preview
(Editors Note: This was written by our good friend Onie (own-ee) who might start doing some basketball coverage for us since none of us know anything about basketball. If anything is wrong make sure to rip him apart in the comment section)

The 2014-1015 NBA season is about to be underway. There are many questions waiting to be answered, questions like; Will the Cavaliers mesh and win a championship the first time around with Lebron announcing he is coming home and them having the next dream team? They may or may not regret trading away the first pick in the draft, Andrew Wiggins, to the Minnesota Timberwolves for one of the best power forwards in the game today, Kevin Love. The Cavaliers already had pieces in place to have a great chance on winning the NBA championship before acquiring Love and now they have Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and of course the king, LeBron James. They have pieces around these three superstars that make them the favorite to win the championship this year, the only question is chemistry, and will they click?
Who in the east can compete with the dream team? The Chicago Bulls are always relative and now that Derrick Rose has recovered from his injury and seems to be back to his flashy self it seems they have the best shot on taking down the Cleveland Cavaliers. They added a huge piece in Pau Gasol, this 7- footer is a proven champion and will help the Bulls immensely. LeBron’s biggest threat these past years has been the Indiana Pacers but that may change this year. The Pacers let Lance Stephenson be acquired by the hornets and their best player, Paul George may be out for the entire season after breaking his leg in multiple places. George Hill their starting point guard is out for the first three weeks also so the Pacers may not be very competitive this year. The New York Knicks do not seem legit this year even though they kept their best player in Carmelo Anthony they have a lot to prove with their new head coach Derek Fisher. With Phil Jackson at the top it is hard to believe that this team will not be at least a little bit competitive. The Miami Heat went from being the most talked about team in the NBA with the big 3 to not being really talked about at all. They do still have Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh and also the add on of Loul Deng who is a proven all-star.

The Western Conference has always proven to be more competitive than the east. At the top of the western conference to start this year has to be the San Antonio Spurs who are not getting any younger but until someone shows they can beat them they are the reigning champions who do not look like they are ready to get dethroned. The Golden State Warriors hired a new coach in Steve Kerr but still have a lot to prove. They have the splash brothers, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, possibly the best backcourt in the game but this team never seems to finish the deal. The west seems to be pretty wide open this year. The spurs age is a question and Kevin Durant being out for the first part of the season for the Oklahoma City Thunder is also a question mark. Will the Thunder be able to stay relevant without the reigning MVP not playing? Russell Westbrook is going to have to lead this team until Durant comes back. The Warriors and the Los Angeles Clippers may prove to be the best in the west this year. One thing that people forget is the L.A. Lakers have not had two back to back terrible seasons in a while and Kobe Bryant looks to be back to his talented self. If Kobe can stay healthy and these young players can bond with him they could stay competitive. Jeremy Lin used to be the most talked about player in the league when he played for the New York Knicks and he may have the opportunity again with Steve Nash being done and the Lakers not having another legit point guard other than rookie Jordan Clarkson. Jeremy Lin has the chance to bring back Linsanity. Jeremy Lin was let go by the Houston Rockets who we cannot forget about when talking about a winning team, especially when they have Dwight Howard and James Harden, plus also picking up the veteran Jason Terry and a couple others.
 This NBA season could be predicting with the dream Cavalier Team winning the championship or could be very surprising with a couple teams using their chemistry to win. The MVP race may seem sort of obvious with Durant being hurt for the first part of the season and LeBron being back in his home city but there could be surprises there too. Kobe Bryant can never be counted out especially after being more determined now than ever and Carmelo Anthony also never fails to be at the top of the scoring list. The MVP race will be interesting and so will this whole NBA season. We will check back after a couple weeks and see how everything is playing out. LeBron will probably fail to close games as usual whereas Kobe will prove he is the best closer in the game today no matter his age. Carmelo will prove to be one of the best scorers in the game and Derek Rose will be the comeback player of the year. James Harden will continue to be the most underrated star player and Dwight Howard will be fully healthy and ready to get back to his unstoppable self, along with missing all his free throws.

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