Friday, October 31, 2014

Free Money Friday

Alright we're back for another week ya degenerates. Last weekend was a real roller coaster of emotions so lets hope this weekend is better.

I'm taking UCF -11 here. UCONN is terrible so I don't think UCF will have a problem putting that up against them.

I'm going with UNC +15 on this one. UNC sucks but they haven't been getting killed by teams and the Hurricanes aren't a power house team. #itsallabouttheU

I'm going Ole Miss. Upset city. Although they lost to LSU last weekend, I expect them to make a valiant comeback to the winning ways that they had accomplished earlier in the season. This should be a great game.

I'm taking Louisiana-Monroe +34.5. I think that's too many points for the Aggies to put up. While the Warhawks do suck, they played LSU earlier this season who is better than A&M if you ask me, and LSU didn't even beat them by 34.5.

I'm going to give SoCar a little love on Top Cheddar since they don't get much here. I'll take them -6. The Vols are awful so I wouldn't be surprised to see the Gamecocks win by a TD if not more.

As always, I'm taking the over in this Georgia vs. Florida game. I've said it a million times, the 3rd quarter in Athens seems to take FOREVER. I think hitting the over in 47.5 should be easy.

I'm gonna take Washington St +9.5 in this game. While USC is obviously the better football team, Washington St held Oregon to only a touchdown lead when they played. USC also struggled against Utah last weekend.

I'm gonna take the over here. Oregon puts up big points and Stanford can also put up their fair share. Wouldn't be surprised to see this over 55.5.

I'm taking Arizona +6.5 here. I don't buy in on all the hype surrounding UCLA. Arizona is having a good season so I expect them to hold em' close.

I'm taking Illinois +28.5. That's a lot of points for Ohio State to put up. I don't think they're all that great, the struggled against Penn State last weekend. Most of Illinois' games have been somewhat close. I don't think Ohio St will put up that many.

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