Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lady Arrested for Wandering in the Streets and Jumping on People's Cars When They Don't Give Her Money

Neighbors in Pendleton wanted to know what could be done about a women they reported walking in the middle of the road, asking for money and rides. There were also complaints about her trespassing at gas stations.
Nakesha Holden's arrest on Oct. 11 is the only one lately that put in her in jail for an extended period of time. She was accused of asking for money, standing on the front of a woman's car and pounding on the hood when denied. A judge gave her a $256 surety bond.
People in Pendleton said they've seen Holden, 30, around town for months. They think it looks bad that she walks up to passing cars, and said it also poses danger for drivers and the woman.
Michael Brown and his family have documented sightings of Holden in roadways. He said Holden will jump on people's cars and sometimes will try to get inside.
In the last month, Holden was charged with standing in the roadway, soliciting for money and rides, and trespass after notice.
Staff at local convenience stores and gas stations across the area have told her not to come back after customers complained.
"It's not a big deal to some, but it's a huge deal to have to live with it every day," said Brown.
Town manager Steven Miller said that he and the mayor have both spoken to Holden over the last few months. He said people needed to call the police and not Town Hall so that they can respond appropriately.
Sheila Cole, with the Anderson County Sheriff's Office, said that deputies have responded to calls, but on some, Holden was released on a personal recognizance bond and allowed out of jail. That's when Brown and others said they would see her again and again.
Nearly everyone FOX Carolina spoke with at the Edgewood Square Apartments and others around town said they are familiar with Holden.
"I don't think she needs to go to jail; I think she needs to go to a woman's home, somebody that can really help her,"said Pendleton resident Clarence Thomason. "I think going to jail will probably make it worse because she keeps going in and coming out and doing the same thing, so I don't think she's learning from her actions."
Holden is scheduled to face a judge on Tuesday on a previous charge.

When I first read the headline "woman accused of jumping on cars, walking streets of Pendleton" I didn't think it was that big of a deal. Sure it'd be annoying for someone to jump on your car, but it seemed like walking the streets of Pendleton shouldn't be that bad of a crime. And then I read the story. Listen, if I live in Pendleton, South Carolina I live there because I wanna get away from homeless people asking me for money. I'd live in Columbia if I enjoyed that. I mean, shit, homeless people are more civil than this lady. It's not like this lady is just sitting at one stop sign all day waiting for people to stop and then ask them for money. This bitch is out in the middle of the road about to cause a 4 car wreck just to get a fucking dime from someone driving by. If I were to drive by this lady I would just run her over. I'd probably stop at first to see what the hell she was doing, but as soon as she asked for money I'd drive away. And if she somehow made it on to my hood and started jumping around because I didn't give her money, I'd just drive. Like where's the harm in that? I've got somewhere to be lady, get the fuck off my hood. And then I'd probably turn around and run her over. 
How bout Clarence Thomason saying she doesn't need to go to jail? What bro? You want to send her to a woman's home? What the fuck is a woman's home? You can't go around jumping on cars in the middle of the road soliciting money and causing accidents, and expect your only punishment to be getting put in a woman's home.

P.S. The few people that let the lady get anywhere close to getting inside their cars are just as psycho as she is. 

P.P.S. If a woman lives in a woman's home, is it just a home?

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