Monday, October 20, 2014

Salad Thief

Source- A suspected thief was found hiding inside a dark closet of a random person's house casually eating a big bowl of salad, police said. Timothy Black, 54, was wanted on several warrants including allegedly stealing a car and shoplifting in Monroe County, Tenn.

Guess a guy can't even enjoy a nice salad in peace anymore. What kind of world do we live in anymore? Michelle Obama told us we need to eat healthy, does that not apply to criminals too or what? The guy was just listening to our First Lady, can't blame him. Sometimes you're just craving a nice big salad and you godda do what you godda do. Give him a break. Not sure why he was eating the salad in a dark closet but whatever, that's his choice and I'm not going to argue it. He was probably going to crush that salad and then take a nice nap on a pile of coats. Sounds like a damn good plan if you ask me.

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